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Securities Logistics

Service that consists of the guard of assets of land and/or air way, insuring the goods and avoiding the loss of the logistics of the same ones.

If you want to carry out the logistics of a good that is always protected so that it reaches its destination safe from any danger or threat, we specialize in these services.

Logistics and supervision inside customs: Service consisting of the surveillance and logistics of goods at the arrival or take-off at the foot of the aircraft that prevents the loss or loss of the values of the customer in the route or transits to the tax warehouses, applicable to: valued documents, cash or foreign exchange, communication or computer equipment, clothing, footwear, perfumery and vulnerable merchandise..

Document carrier: Personal logistics service of documents of high importance for our customers, that consists of sending our personnel in domestic flights with suitcase in hand to transport the documents ordered and that, thanks to our infrastructure, the goods can be delivered , collected and delivered to the final destination, provided that it is a commercial domicile.

*Restrictions apply.


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