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AX Transporter as a service integrator, has agreements with carriers specialized in securities logistics, which through them can provide the following services.

  • Collection and delivery of securities.
  • Portvalue.
  • Cash endowment.
  • Do’s rent.
  • Armored Equipment Rent.
  • Space rent for value processing.
  • Cash processing (national currency and currencies).

1.-Collection and delivery of values: Movement of goods through armed personnel and armored equipment of high technology, with services of maximum punctuality and quality, that allow the security and tranquility of our clients.

We have an extensive insurance policy, which protects the values of our customers.

Permission to access our personnel and units, to the main customs and airports of the Mexican Republic that allow to keep always in custody the values entrusted, both for national and international shipments.

We have 115 branches, which allow us to provide service throughout the country.

We have agreements with the main national and international commercial airlines, as well as international carriers, to provide a safe and integral logistics, from the door of the business to the door of destination where the client indicates us.

Our allied companies have a large armored vehicle park, personnel with capacities from 1 ton to 18 tons and truck tract with platform to transport containers. We provide the highest quality services with the guarantee of safe transport and personalized attention in each of our shipments.

We perform logistics from high value courier to large volumes of valued cargo, we can export worldwide and receive imports from all over the world.

2.- Portavalor: Personal logistics service of documents of high importance for our clients, that consists of sending our personnel in domestic flights with carry-on bag to transport the documents entrusted by the client and that thanks to our infrastructure, this can be delivered in collected and delivered to final destination with the guarantee of a safe transport.

3.- Cash endowment: It consists of the delivery of cash in our armored units, by means of advance transfer of the client, for the operations required of payments and transactions of the clients of our clients, that avoid lost theft.

4.-Vault rental: Space to protect high value merchandise from our customers that give you security and peace of mind.
5.-Rental of armored equipment: Security chests that are installed in the client’s home so that he can protect his values while the route goes on to collect you.

6.-Rental of space for processing of securities: Space within the installations with the guarantee of maximum security by the monitoring of camera and physical surveillance, that allows our clients to be able to process their values like: Select and prepare precious jewels and metals for sale or export.

7.- Cash process national currency or foreign exchange: We have highly trained personnel that counts, selects and prepares national currency or foreign currency, under the standards of BANXICO or the Foreign Bank to be sent. All this processed in our facilities with the most advanced technology in monitoring and security controls.

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